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Girl Talk

Sometimes we have important things to say, based on research. Sometimes we need to let you know what we want for Christmas or where we want to go on vacation (ALSO IMPORTANT). Needless to say, if you want to know what’s on our minds, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our blog below. Warning: We’re All MAD Here.

Honestly, I wanted to write that I hated the service! I wanted to say it was doomed for failure, but after my morning of research, I can say I LOVE QUIBI!

For seven weeks, we have all been tethered to our homes and our phones. Online media consumption has hit unprecedented levels. During this time, on April 6, a new mobile-only video streaming app launched – Quibi. Yes, Quibi is streaming video however it isn't competing with Netflix, Amazon Video, or Disney Plus. Quibi is stepping into a new territory of technology and going after viewers using their phones or tablets as the primary delivery vehicle.

The idea behind the creative on Quibi is “Quick Bites. Big Stories.”. All shows are ten minutes or less. This morning I watched, Cup of Joe, Floored, Thanks A Million, The Rachel Hollis Show and Last Night’s Late Night. I decided The Stranger needed to be postponed until I could watch more episodes. The idea behind Quibi is that people want a little bit of quality entertainment throughout the day. No reason to compete with work, kids, errands, social media, or ... Netflix. And, Quibi not only delivers quality entertainment but also a HUGE list of celebrities have bought in. Jennifer Lopez, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Anna Kendrick, Liam Hemsworth, Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Hart, and Nicole Richie (aka Nikki Fresh). And, I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of news programming, music, or educational programming. Did I mention … I LOVE QUIBI?

Something else that I thought I would be immune to is the app’s signature technology, Turnstyle. Turnstyle lets you switch between portrait and landscape video instantly. It is super cool! I am such a nerd! Each show is filmed and edited in both formats. When you watch, you actually have access to the two video files which have been synced and are streaming simultaneously. Maybe I am just so used to the big box (my TV) that I don't really see the quality anymore, but on my phone, Quibi seems to be so much more defined.

Since it launched, Quibi isn’t getting the same love I am putting out. Why? Haters gonna hate? To be honest, I think people are just comfortable with what they already know during these uncertain times. However, given just a few more weeks or months, and I think Quibi could make the big splash it was destined for in early April. With its over one billion dollar investment ... it better.

The only downside I see right now – it’s tough to binge-watch on a phone or tablet with my husband or kids. Heads up - Quibi plans to add a TV casting ability in May.