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Girl Talk

Sometimes we have important things to say, based on research. Sometimes we need to let you know what we want for Christmas or where we want to go on vacation (ALSO IMPORTANT). Needless to say, if you want to know what’s on our minds, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our blog below. Warning: We’re All MAD Here.

The Golden Globes is historically known for its dazzling celebrities on the red carpet, but this year, it was an unknown woman who stole the show. The internet and all news outlets were quickly abuzz discussing the Fiji Water girl who was seen photobombing practically every celebrity photo as she held a silver tray of Fiji water bottles wearing a gown the color of the crystal blue water brand and stared into the camera like a pro! We can learn a lot about marketing our businesses from this successful stunt.

Show up.

All Fiji had to do was find a foot in the door, and they succeeded when the plan was set in place for their model to walk the red carpet and serve Fiji water bottles to the celebrities in attendance with the hopes they would be photographed while sipping.

Similarly, business leaders and entrepreneurs must show up – at community events, local Chamber of Commerce meetings and gatherings, expos, seminars, sponsoring events…the list is endless. Use these opportunities to make new contacts and showcase your brand.

Be prepared.

Every detail about the Fiji model was planned out from the color and style dress she wore down to the silver tray she carried. The company left nothing to luck.

Make sure you are prepared to be in the spotlight. Is your logo updated and appealing? Do you have a business card that stands out from your competitors? Does your appearance reflect the mission and core values of your brand? How about your networking skills – do you mingle with confidence or do you prefer to be more of a wallflower? Every detail matters and should be purposeful in representing your brand to the fullest.

Be ready to back up and punt.

There was a significant kink thrown in Fiji’s marketing plan at the Golden Globes – the weather. It was unusually cold on the red carpet in Los Angeles this year, and the celebrities just weren’t interested in accepting the water bottles offered by the Fiji Girl. The photographer, hired by Fiji to photograph the event, is the one who had an ingenious idea – if the celebs didn’t want the water, just photobomb all their pictures! Fiji had a good plan that had to be changed at the last minute, resulting in what everyone thought was an ingenious marketing stunt that had all forms of media talking for weeks.

Sometimes a marketing plan goes awry because of things you just can’t plan, like weather, illness or even an economic decline. The key to success is deciding beforehand that giving up is not an option. Rally your team together and think about creative ways to make the plan move forward. It might look very different from the original plan, but it just might be the thing that catapults your visibility.