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Girl Talk

Sometimes we have important things to say, based on research. Sometimes we need to let you know what we want for Christmas or where we want to go on vacation (ALSO IMPORTANT). Needless to say, if you want to know what’s on our minds, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our blog below. Warning: We’re All MAD Here.

Honestly, I wanted to write that I hated the service! I wanted to say it was doomed for failure, but after my morning of research, I can say I LOVE QUIBI!

For seven weeks, we have all been tethered to our homes and our phones. Online media consumption has hit unprecedented levels. During this time, on April 6, a new mobile-only video streaming app launched – Quibi. Yes, Quibi is streaming video however it isn't competing with Netflix, Amazon Video, or Disney Plus. Quibi is stepping into a new territory of technology and going after viewers using their phones or tablets as the primary delivery vehicle.

The Golden Globes is historically known for its dazzling celebrities on the red carpet, but this year, it was an unknown woman who stole the show. The internet and all news outlets were quickly abuzz discussing the Fiji Water girl who was seen photobombing practically every celebrity photo as she held a silver tray of Fiji water bottles wearing a gown the color of the crystal blue water brand and stared into the camera like a pro! We can learn a lot about marketing our businesses from this successful stunt.

Show up.

All Fiji had to do was find a foot in the door, and they succeeded when the plan was set in place for their model to walk the red carpet and serve Fiji water bottles to the celebrities in attendance with the hopes they would be photographed while sipping.

Remember that teacher who used curveball questions to throw you off your testing game and made you question yourself, the world, and life in general? Yeah, that's how the marketing industry is for marketers. It's a big curveball question. Problems come out of nowhere and can change directions in a heartbeat.  You think you have all the answers, and then BAM, new information or a challenging business problem arises and you have to figure out how to handle it as quickly and creatively as possible. That's why, in this industry, it's always important to stay on top of your game. Your brain game that is. Here are 4 ways Marketers (and anyone) can train their brains to stay relevant:

5-ish questions answered about being a successful woman in the business world.

If you’ve ever watched Mad Men, you might have gained a little insight into understanding just how far women have come in the business world, especially in the field of marketing. We no longer are expected to fetch coffee or sit quietly in meetings and take notes. Instead, we are leading meetings where our insights and opinions matter. Oh, and we get our own coffee and take our own notes too, because yes, we are excellent multi-taskers.

So, how is this relevant? Well, I’m glad you asked. Today, is National Business Women’s Day. The day was first supported by the American Business Women’s Association in 1982 and later recognized by Congress in 1983 to celebrate the accomplishments of women in the workforce. To celebrate this day, I sat down with MADlab’s owners, Deidra Langstaff and Mary Beth Hobby, to answer 5-ish questions about being successful women in the business world.